Our intention when publishing the ‘BEST of’’ series of magazines is to put forward the best of the best from every region we represent. The main ambition has been to become iconic in every travel-related field within the high-end magazine market.

Starting from our first publication in 2009, we have become the top choice in marketing, partnering with our clients to help promote all of their upscale products and services.
Our first issue began in Bali with Best of Bali and then was quickly followed by Best of Singapore, Best of Indonesia, Best of Korea, as well as Fabulous Bali. Within the next 2 years, we plan to pinpoint more areas with the potential to become the next contender in the ‘BEST of’ series.

BEST magazines also act specifically as ‘multi – channel’ marketers that offer specific distribution and unique promotional strategies giving access to markets that are otherwise difficult to reach and tap into.

BEST magazine is published by Wanaka Nuriya PT, which was established in 2008 and is also involved in the fields of advertising, design, and marketing.
With the enthusiasm of all who contribute to Wanaka, we are confident we can provide the best of the best to our clientele.