One of our main goals is to create an exclusive magazine with information that will give our readers a fresh new look at some of our favourite places.
Best of Korea is founded on a sense of admiration and awe for Korean culture and a hunger to learn more about it. And we have filled this issue to the brim with our pursuit of everything Korean.

After a slightly more superficial overview of Korea in previous issues, this time around we peel away the layers to dig deeper into the vibrant Korean culture and all it has to offer.

The buzz surrounding South Korea has turned it into a top destination with people travelling far and wide to see it’s sights, sample it’s delights, and even partake in it’s niche medical tourism packages.

The unique attractions and traditional culture will make you want to delve deeper and deeper, and don’t even mention K Pop which, once sampled, will have you hooked.

Our team is leaving no stone unturned in our search for fun and adventure in the Korean peninsula in hopes that we can provide you, our readers, with great information and exciting new travel ideas.